Taiwan e Book SERT

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Scope of material to digitize

In its current stage, material sought for are library holdings published from 1911-1949, as well as authorized works by renowned Taiwan scholars in humanities and the social sciences and government publications. Subject content includes general, religion and philosophy, science and engineering, agriculture and fishing, medicine and home management, economics and finance, education, society, politics and law and military affairs, history and geography, language and literature, and art.

 Participating organizations and number of e-books

Participating organizations in this stage of the project include National Taiwan University Library, National Taiwan Normal University Library, National Cheng-Chi University Library, National Library of Public Information, National Taiwan Library, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Penghu County,Academia Historica and other government agencies. The NCL will continue to promote cooperative digitization in hope that more organizations will participate in this project to create shared resources and to increase the effect of cooperative digitization.



◎ National Taiwan University Library:5,847 title(s)
◎ National Taiwan Normal University Library:575title(s)
◎ National Chengchi University Library:554 title(s)
◎ National Central Library:14,897 title(s)
◎ National Taiwan Library:2,329 title(s)
◎ National Library of Public Information:839 title(s)
◎ Academia Historica:195 title(s)
◎ Cultural Affairs Bureau, Penghu County:124 title(s)
◎ Cultural Affairs Department of Pingtung County Government:153 title(s)
◎ Kinmen County Government:166 title(s)
◎ Lienchiang County Government:39 title(s)
◎ Total collections:29,002 title(s)